This portfolio was an MLIS graduation requirement and has not been updated from the 2007 original.


The Portfolio is the "culminating experience of the MLIS program." A graduation requirement, the Portfolio is designed to showcase work MLIS students have done in the course of earning their degree, both in the classroom and outside of it. The Portfolio consists of documentation of an experience in five areas:

What constitutes a significant experience is entirely up to the student, but must be something that represents a new undertaking that stretched the student's abilities.


I came to the MLIS program with the intention of becoming a designer of database systems for biomedical research projects. After exploring a wide variety of options via my courses in the iSchool and elsewhere, I am still very excited about this career path. Through my coursework, activities and work experiences, my path has expanded to encompass other aspects of information systems, including information behavior, knowledge management and resource organization. I no longer want to simply design databases but design comprehensive information systems that support biomedical researchers in their quest for answers. I am especially interested in how researchers collaborate on distributed scientific research projects.

My portfolio consists of the following five experiences:

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