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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Baltimore, MD
Master of Public Health (MPH) conferred June 2015.
Completed courses


University of Washington, College of Engineering, Seattle, WA
Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) conferred March 2013.
Dissertation: “Greater than the Sum of its Parts:” Coordinating Centers as Facilitators of Network-Level Work in Cancer Epidemiology Coordinating Center Enabled Networks.


  • Charlotte P. Lee, PhD, Human Centered Design & Engineering (chair)
  • John D. Potter, MD, PhD, Epidemiology
  • Matthew J. Bietz, PhD, Informatics, University of California-Irvine
  • Mark Zachry, PhD, Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Wanda Pratt, PhD, Information School (Graduate School Representative)
2005-2007 University of Washington Information School; Seattle, WA
Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) conferred June 2007.
Completed courses

1997-2000 San Francisco State University; San Francisco, CA
Coursework in Computer Science
1989-1993 Northwestern University; Evanston, IL
BA, Slavic Languages and Literature conferred June 1993. 


  • The Role of Coordinating Centers in Collaborative Cancer-Epidemiology Studies
    PI: Rolland (lead), Lee (University of Washington)
    National Cancer Institute R03-CA150036; $185,866
  • Experimenting Outside the Information Center: Non-Traditional Roles for Information Professionals in Biomedical Research
    PI: Rolland, Glenn (Seattle Biomedical Research Institute)
    Special Libraries Association 2008 SLA Research Grant; $20,000


6/14-6/15 National Cancer Institute; Rockville, MD

Cancer Prevention Fellow
Developed independent research program focused on designing and building evidence-based infrastructures to support team science in cancer epidemiology and healthcare delivery research. Areas of interest: coordinating centers; the initiative writing and peer review processes; consortia governance policies; evaluation of team science processes and infrastructure; data sharing, reuse and harmonization.

Preceptors: Paul Doria-Rose and Joanne Elena

05/07-present Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Seattle, WA

Investigator, Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics in Cancer (TREC) Development Project (3/13-9/13)
Productivity in Transdisciplinary Research: Investigating New Metrics and Contributing Characteristics

Investigated the area of productivity and coordination in scientific research.


Principal Investigator (9/11-8/13)
The Role of Coordinating Centers in Collaborative Cancer-Epidemiology Studies; NCI R03-CA150036: $185,866
PI: Rolland (lead), Lee

As collaborative research increases in size and scope, researchers are seeking tools that help lessen the administrative burden on investigators. Coordinating centers are one such tool. Despite their prominent role in multi-site studies, especially in cancer epidemiology, little research has been done on what coordinating centers do and how they do it. This qualitative research study was conducted through field observations and interviews and had the following specific aims:

  • Identify and describe models of Coordinating Centers (CCs) and corresponding models of collaborative cancer-epidemiology research projects
  • Develop metrics that CCs can use to predict and evaluate their performance
  • Build a downloadable toolkit to help CCs ramp up their operations efficiently and effectively
  • Produce a modular course to develop and train CC staff

Project Manager, Asia Cohort Consortium Coordinating Center (2/08-present)

The Asia Cohort Consortium (ACC) is a collaboration of Principal Investigators of prospective cohorts in Asia aimed at conducting epidemiology and prevention research within the framework of multicenter pooling of data and biologic samples from different studies. The Coordinating Center is responsible for supporting all operations and logistics of the ACC, as well as the data management and statistical analysis of pooled datasets.

  • Designed and developed infrastructure for this new Coordinating Center, drawing upon principles of team science and information science.
  • Fostered the development of new pilot projects, including the first comprehensive pooled analysis of BMI and mortality in Asian populations, resulting in the Consortium’s first paper, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Evaluated incoming project proposals, advising Executive Committee on feasibility, appropriateness of the project to ACC goals, and funding capacity.
  • Negotiated data transfer and publication policies with cohort PIs.
  • Developed and maintained policies & procedures manual, adapting as needed to changing levels of funding, emerging projects and scientific developments.
  • Led the submission of seven grants to the National Institutes of Health; five were successfully funded. Wrote and submitted all agency-required reports.
  • Made recommendations to the Executive Committee on strategic direction for the ACC after evaluation of potential new areas of research and funding opportunities.
  • Secured human subjects approvals for all studies, including procurement of IRB documentation from participating cohorts from Asia.
  • Coordinated tasks and work progress for all projects, planning work assignments for multiple investigators and statisticians.
  • Facilitated project- and subject-specific Working Groups through organization of conference calls, management of documents and development of agendas.
  • Grew active membership from 20 investigators to more than 50; increased meeting attendance from 25 to more than 80. Identified new cohorts via literature searches.
  • Planned and tracked multiple budgets up to $450,000.
  • Organized two meetings each year – one in Asia, one in the US.
  • Built a collaborative SharePoint portal to support and enhance the ACC’s work. Expanded SharePoint portal usage to ten other groups at FHCRC by demonstrating the value of a collaborative portal, creating new sites and training users.

Information Analyst and Information Services Team Project Manager, Alliance Management Office (5/07-1/08)

The Alliance Management Office coordinated two HIV/AIDS research collaborations composed of hundreds of labs and HIV/AIDS organizations around the world.

  • Initiated and led the creation of an Information Services Team responsible for all SharePoint portal development and information organization.
  • Created a portal development process that put in place specific roles and responsibilities for all team members.
  • Performed user needs assessments and requirements gathering, UI and functionality development, and usability testing.
  • Crafted and executed communications and rollout plans and deployed solutions.
  • Trained staff in usability testing and user-centered design.
  • Developed and delivered SharePoint training materials to users of a variety of technology comfort levels.
  • Researched best practices in scientific research collaboration and wrote first draft of white paper detailing the office's activities.
9/05-6/07 University of Washington; Seattle, WA

Graduate Research Assistant to Director of Web Services, College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office (9/05-6/07)

  • Collaborated in the design of Project ORCA (Online Research Collaboration Areas), a pilot project of the Dean's Office researching ways to support CAS faculty in collaborative research through online tools.

Information Architect (Student Worker), Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Daggett Lab (10/06-3/07)

  • Created user interfaces to research data in a medicinal chemistry lab.
  • Built internal website to allow researchers dynamic access to data from SQL Server database using ColdFusion and ASP pages.
8/02-8/05 Corel (formerly Jasc Software, Inc.), Eden Prairie, MN
Automation Engineer (6/03-8/05)
Quality Assurance Engineer (8/02-6/03)
6/99-6/02 Macromedia, San Francisco, CA and Minneapolis, MN
Quality Assurance Engineer, White Box Testing Lead (12/01-6/02)
Build & Release/Installation Engineer, LikeMinds (6/99-12/01)
5/98-3/99 Plageman, Lund & Miller LLP , Oakland, CA
Office Manager
4/96-1/98 Kaiser, Inc., Oakland, CA
Administrative Assistant
9/95-3/96 Montgomery Securities , San Francisco, CA
Research Assistant
1/94-2/95 Starlite Investments, Moscow, Russia
Commercial Assistant
9/93-12/93 Moscow School District, Moscow, Russia
English Teacher


  • Co-Chair ASIS&T (American Society for Information Science & Technology) UW Chapter (2006-2007). Accomplishments included organizing a fall kick-off event attended by 175 people featuring Information Architecture guru Peter Morville. Raised $5000 from 13 sponsors to fund this event. Organized a career week panel on information careers in medicine and science.
  • Co-Founder iEdge, a forum where students research and share information about cutting-edge developments in the areas of technology and information science (April 2006). Events included expert speakers such as Amazon's personalization manager, a data security expert and student presentations on independent studies and research. Organized iEdge 2007: So What? Research into Practice, a half-day Information School conference focused on leveraging research into professional practice. This conference will become an annual event.
  • Recipient William E. Henry Scholarship (2006)

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